Are there 37 official languages ​​in Bolivia? (2023)

How many official languages ​​does Bolivia have?

Spanish and 36 indigenous languagesthey are official in Bolivia under the 2009 Constitution. Previously, only Spanish, Aymara and Quechua were official languages ​​in the country.

Why does Bolivia have 37 official languages?

Indigenous languages ​​and Spanish are official languages ​​of the state under the 2009 constitution.The constitution states that all indigenous languages ​​are official and lists 36 specific languages, some of which are extinct..

Which country has 37 official languages?

Bolivia. Although Zimbabwe ranks nationally as the country with the most official languages, Bolivia has a significantly higher number. Its constitution recognizes 37 different languages ​​at the regional level!

Why does Bolivia have so many official languages?

Bolivia is a multiethnic and multilingual country. The Andean region of the country was part of the Inca Empire before the Spanish colonized Bolivia.After gaining independence from Spain, the people of Bolivia continued to promote their own culture and language..

Does Bolivia have 37 languages?

The 2012 Bolivian census records 37 languages. The main language of Bolivia is Spanish, spoken by 70% of the population. Many other indigenous languages ​​are also used, notably Quechua (18%) and Aymara (10%).

Which country has over 500 languages?

Ranking: The countries with the greatest linguistic diversity
  • Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world, with approximately 840 different languages ​​spoken on the islands.
  • In second place is Indonesia with around 711 different languages.
January 26, 2021

Who can speak 32 languages?

While some of us still struggle to navigate a language or two,Ioannis Ikonomúwith 32 different things went well. Ioannis works as a translator for the European Commission and belongs to a select group of people known as hyperpolyglots.

What country has 16 official languages?

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages. Although Zimbabwe does not hold a Guinness World Record, it is still one of the most multilingual countries in the world, with 16 official languages. English is used primarily by the government, the media, and business, but Shona and Ndebele are the most widely spoken native languages.

Which country has more than 850 languages?

However, it is no comparison to a country of just 7.6 million people in the Pacific Ocean:Papua New Guinea. Almost 850 languages ​​are spoken in the country, making it the most linguistically diverse place in the world.

Can someone speak 24 languages?

Vaughn Smith, a carpet cleaner living in the D.C. area. he grew up speaking 24 languagesgood enough to have complex conversations.

Who can speak 200 languages?

But the drive is probably one of them.Señor John Bowring, Governor of Hong Kong from 1854 to 1859 who claimed to know 200 languages ​​and speak 100.

Are there 6500 languages?

While many believe the number of languages ​​in the world is approximately 6,500, there are 7,106 living languages.

What is the strangest language in history?

Term. Kawishana (Kaixana) was spoken near the Japura River in Brazil and was once a popular language used by many. The numbers began to dwindle, eventually down to 200. Now, there is only one documented person left to speak the language.

Is English an official language in Bolivia?

The official language of Bolivia is Spanish, although there are several other indigenous languages. The main indigenous languages ​​that you can hear walking through the streets of the city are Quechua, Aymara and Guarani. Very little English is spoken outside hotels and tourist destinations.

What is Bolivia called in Spanish?

Plurinational State of Bolivia

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