How do you form a negative sentence without no? (2023)

How do you turn a positive statement into a negative using not?

Adding the word not (or the contracted form -n't) is the most common way to turn a positive statement into a negative in English.. The word not usually comes after a supporting verb in a declarative clause (e.g. a variant of do, have or be).

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When do we use no or not in negative sentences?

The word "no" is used with nouns to mean "nobody" or "none"; B. "There were no children in physical education class."The word "not" is used to modify a verb or adjective to show the negative effect on a quality and is often used with a sentence or clause.; For example: “Howard didn't do his homework.

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Can't we just use it in a negative sentence?

Sometimes a negative phrase (not only...but not once, not before...than...) is placed at the beginning of the sentence to emphasize the negation.. In these cases, the verb is inverted in the same way as in the questions: Bruno is not only an excellent businessman, but also an experienced perfumer.

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What are 10 examples of negative sentences?

List of negative phrases
  • I'm not flying to England.
  • That's not the way to Nashville.
  • You are not from Ecuador.
  • I didn't eat white rice.
  • We weren't sad when she moved.
  • They don't practice yoga.
  • He didn't like Bikram yoga.
  • You don't have to commute to work.

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What is the negative sentence rule?

Mainly,a negative sentence is formed by simply adding "not" to the verb in the sentence. It's also the easiest way to spot a negative phrase.

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How do you start a negative sentence?

A negative sentence is a sentence that says something is wrong. In English we form negative sentencesAdding the word 'not' after the helping or auxiliary verb.

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What is a phrase for not?

[H] [T]She advised him not to drink too much.. [M][T] She advised him not to drive too fast. [M][T] He is not as smart as his older brother. [M] [T] I'm hungry because I didn't have lunch.

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How do you write a negative sentence?

We make negatives by putting not after the first part of the verb:
  1. You don't work hard. You won't work hard. ...
  2. You don't work hard. You won't work hard. ...
  3. I do not have much time. She has no money. ...
  4. I do not have much time. She has no money. ...
  5. He told us not to make so much noise.

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What is the rule for negative sentences?

Often, a negative sentence is formed simply by theAdding 'not' to the verb in the sentence. It's also the easiest way to spot a negative phrase.

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What three ways are there to form a negative sentence?

The following examples show several ways to negate a sentence in the present tense.
  • An auxiliary verb used with the negative word no. Prayer: My guests are arriving now. ...
  • The negative word No. Quote: Jennie has money. ...
  • Not the contraction. ...
  • The rare negative adverb. ...
  • The negative question no one.

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What is an example of a negative sentence?

1) Nita and Arun don't go for a walk in the garden. 2) He doesn't like to paint. 3) Amar did not write the letter well.

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