How long does it take to return a 10 panel drug test? (2023)

How long does it take to get results from a 10 panel urine test?

The duration of the results depends on whether the samples are sent to a laboratory or analyzed on site.Laboratory results usually take 24 hours.. Home drug test kits and on-site testing devices, including those used for curbside testing, provide results in just minutes.

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How long does it take to get a positive drug test result?

Most negative results are available 1-2 business days after the testing laboratory receives the sample. If additional testing is required, we may need an extra day or two to confirm the results. Positive results can lastbetween 4-6 daysbecause of the repeat testing needed to confirm drug use.

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What does a 10-panel drug test show?

Although 10-panel drug tests are the most used by employers, you may request a test for personal reasons.
What does the test measure?
AmphetamineMethamphetamine, Methamphetamine, Speed, Ecstasy
THCCannabinoids, marijuana, hashish
CocaineCoca-Cola, Crack
OpiateHeroin, Opium, Codeine, Morphine
phencyclidinePCP, English powder
5 more lines
September 26, 2022

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Why is my drug test taking so long?

Unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or traffic may delay the delivery of a sample.. Likewise, a drug test just before the holidays can slow down the process.

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Does it take longer to recover from a positive drug test?

Positive tests always take longer, 4-6 business days is the average. Expanded Urine Testing Panels - If you test more drugs, there may be another business day.

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How long does it take labcorp to get the urine drug test results?

In most cases, turnaround times for laboratory test resultsshould not exceed two weeks. The most common reason for delays in receiving results is inaccurate or out-of-date personal information held by your healthcare professionals or in your personal profile on the Labcorp Patient™ portal.

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How does a 10 panel urine test work?

Share on Pinterest The standard 10-panel test for drugsuses a person's urine to detect drug residues. A 10-panel drug test looks for 10 of the most common drugs a person may abuse. This selection typically includes five common prescription drugs and five illegal street drugs.

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Will ibuprofen show up on a 10-panel drug test?

Some of the most common pain relievers known to cause false positivesthese include Advil, Aleve and Motrin. Even nasal sprays and cough suppressants like Sudafed and Delsym produced false positives.

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How do I know if I passed the Labcorp drug test?

How can I access my lab test results? Lab results are sent to your Labcorp Patient™ portal account. Login or register online. You can also read our Privacy Practices Statement for more information.

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Does labcorp call if it fails?

You will not say at the test location that you failed the test., but they will let you know if your sample is unacceptable for the test and may allow you to provide a second sample. Depending on why you are testing and for whom, the second urine sample may be provided under the supervision of a Labcorp staff member.

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