What was John Lennon's IQ? [Solved] (2022)

What was Lennon's IQ?

By testing standards, he is above the 99th percentile with a performance IQ137 (SD15)🇧🇷 He is widely considered the second greatest music lyricist of the 20th century to date.... read more ›

Which Beatle was the smart one?

"I never asked to be famous." Paul was known as the cutieJohnas the clever one, Ringo as the clown - and George, serious and thoughtful, was "the silent Beatle". Ringo called him "The Great Stone Face".... see details ›

Was John Lennon a genius?

John Lennon was a musical innovator. He also appeared very smart in interviews. For this reason,Many fans view John as a genius.🇧🇷 Some artists can avoid the "genius" label. John seemed ambivalent about the etiquette.... view details ›

Who was the genius behind the Beatles?

Jorge Martinho: Musicians honor the genius behind the Beatles | Jorge Martin | The guard.... read more ›

Who has an IQ of 300?

William James SidisHe has the highest IQ in the world. His IQ score is between 250 and 300, almost twice that of Albert Einstein. At eleven, William entered Harvard University, becoming the youngest person to ever enter. He also claimed to be conversant with 25 languages.... see more ›

Who has the highest IQ of 275?

His score was the highest ever. Regarding the IQ, the psychologist reported that the score would be between 250 and 300. At the end of lifewilliam sidisHe conducted general intelligence tests for public service positions in New York and Boston. The phenomenal reviews of him are on record.... see more ›

What was the Beatles' IQ?

I did not test 11 plusPaul got 137 and George got 117🇧🇷 Ringo and John are guesses.... read more ›

Who has the highest Guinness IQ?

The person with the highest recorded IQ of all time is a woman namedMarilyn von Savantand according to Guinness World Records, he holds the record with a staggering score of 228. vos Savant was born in St. Louis.... see details ›

What was Madonna's IQ?

Madonna, the highest-grossing solo artist of all time, has an IQ of140and wrote a children's book.... read more ›

What was Charles Manson's IQ?

On arrival he was given an aptitude test which found he was illiterate but had oneAbove average IQ of 109🇧🇷 His social worker thought he was aggressively antisocial.... see more ›

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