What was Santiago's biggest dream in life? [Solved] (2022)

What was Santiago's dream?

Santiago tells his recurring dreamto the old lady: He is in a field with his flock when he is visited by a boy who takes him to the Pyramids of Egypt; There, the boy says, Santiago will find a hidden treasure. However, whenever Santiago wants to discover the exact location of the treasure, he wakes up.... read more ›

Why is the dream of Santiago important?

Jacob's dream of treasure in Egypt, for example,reveals his personal legend and sets the entire alchemist conspiracy in motion.... view details ›

What is Santiago's dream? Why is this dream important to Santiago?

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Santiago dreams of lions thatsymbolize youth, strength and masculinity🇧🇷 Santiago is happy when he dreams of his youth, even though he feels his age through a weakened body.... see details ›

What is strange about Santiago's dream?

Answer and Explanation: Santiago's dream in The Alchemist is strange becausethe abrupt way in which it is interrupted by a totally separate and almost supernatural dream🇧🇷 While Santiago is dreaming of his sheep, a young man takes him to the Egyptian pyramids and tells him that his treasure is there.... continue reading ›

What is Santiago's goal in The Alchemist?

Santiago's main goal in the book isFollow your personal legend to find the treasure, but he quickly falls in love with a girl who bought him wool, then with a girl named Fatima who lived with the alchemist in the oasis.... continue reading ›

What is Santiago's first goal in history?

In Paulo Coelho's novel The Alchemist, a young shepherd named Santiago goes in search of his personal legend. Santiago's personal legend isFind the treasure in the pyramids.... continue reading ›

What is the purpose of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea?

In Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago shows devotionBeat your fight with the fishfor the pain he suffers, for the long journey and for the time without fishing. Despite the excessive pain you have endured, dedicating yourself to fulfilling your dreams can help you succeed.... see more ›

What is Santiago's philosophy of life?

For Santiago it is the most important thing in lifelive with great zeal and nobilityin accordance with his convictions to use his abilities and gifts of nature to the best of his ability, to fight and resist and redeem his individual existence through his life's work, to accept and pass on the inevitable destruction with dignity...... view details ›

What is the temptation of Santiago?

temptations.Santiago was tempted by love when he met Fátima, but decided to pursue his dreams after she convinced him. He, too, was tempted to start his old life as a herder again when he discovered that after a year at the glassworks he had enough money to buy sheep.... continue reading ›

What is the heart of Santiago afraid of?

Santiago's heart takes on a distinctive voice and qualities as he learns to listen to it. your heart is afraidLosing loved ones and not finding Santiago his treasure, because the heart knows that when these things happen, it will suffer.... view details ›

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